Work to acc

Warming up your account, a very important part:

Use a proxy that matches your geo account.

Use a browser with user agent emulation (any antidetect browser indigo, incogniton sphere, etc. will do) install the same user agent as in your account.

Log in by cookies, or by login and password.

Log out immediately.

Wait a day.

Login, make neutral actions of an ordinary user - look at photos, videos.

Don't do outbound activity - don't like, post messages, etc. this lowers the trust and can lead to a ban.
You can and should answer incoming messages and calls - this increases the trust.

Do not leave the logged in account motionless.

Then you can enter the ADS manager, but only through the FB interface, do not follow the link.

According to our (and not only) experience, it is not realistic to add a plus without banning a single account, always 30-50% of the accounts will go to the ban even before the launch of the pk, and they will merge into plus only from 15-20%, but the profit pays for everything in 100 times the size)))

If you need to go to the mail, then the login and password from the account goes to the mail. You must log in to the mail with a RU proxy, otherwise there is a risk of blocking the mail account or the fact that the code will not come.

Happy bays and High Profit !!!


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