Be sure to read the latest updates in our group before logging into your account !!!

After purchase, check your account using the link without going into the account itself.

If the account is blocked - write to our support telegrams @fb_profit, we will replace it.

We do the replacement only when you provide a screenshot and order number.

We give 15 minutes for verification for 1 account, then we do not make a refund.
We also do not make a refund if you are logged into your account.

P.S. Important! FB is constantly changing. The bundles that worked yesterday may not work today, the fb is learning.
Bans can be influenced by various factors:

Proxy - You must use a clean proxy, each account needs its own ip address. Mobile proxies are well suited for this. The geo proxy must match the geo account.

Browser - sometimes even the coolest antidetects lose their relevance in terms of anonymity (fb learns and sees the use of antidetects). For example, at the end of January 2021, all antidetects had a problem with logging in by login and password, there were no such problems through firefox.

The login method - using cookies on login - isn't always a good idea. Before logging in using cookies, make sure that the user agent is installed, the same as in the file with the account.

Actions in the account - on cold accounts (autoregs), some actions can lead to a ban. Adding friends, uploading photos, publishing posts, comments, messages are risky actions. Account warm-up is a "walk" through groups, accounts of other participants, likes, reposts.

Happy bays and High Profit !!!

Telegram support: @Fb_profit